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Which alloys of aluminum coil are used for channel letter

Which alloys of aluminum coil are used for channel letter? Aluminum coil for channel letter is a special member of aluminium coil strip family that is winning increasing popularity. Speaking of its alloys, however, not a few green hands show a bewildered look on their faces. Many claim that it’s made of 1xxx or 3xxx aluminium, but what specific grades …

Color coated 1050 channel letter aluminum coil strip

Color coated 1050 aluminum coil strip is a regular channel letter material with a colored (sometimes brushed) surface. Thickness is 0.6mm or 0.8mm, width 6cm to 10cm, and length 100m. 1050 aluminum coil boasts low density, good conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding plasticity and processing properties, totally meet requirements for channel letter materials. After being color coated, 1050 coil …

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