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Which alloys of aluminum coil are used for channel letter

July 29, 2020

Which alloys of aluminum coil are used for channel letter? Aluminum coil for channel letter is a special member of aluminium coil strip family that is winning increasing popularity. Speaking of its alloys, however, not a few green hands show a bewildered look on their faces. Many claim that it’s made of 1xxx or 3xxx aluminium, but what specific grades are they? As a matter of fact, aluminum channel letter coil rolls are mostly 1050 and 3003, excluding 1060, 1070 and even 1100 as many people would expect. The two grades have different properties and are used in varied conditions.

aluminum channel letter coil

1050 aluminum coil is a pure industrial coil incorporating an aluminium content as high as 99.5%, which indicates low composition of other metals, like manganese, magnesium and silicon, that could have added corrosion resistance and strength to the coil. As a result, 1050 aluminium show similar chemical and mechanical properties to 100% pure aluminium. It’s soft and plastic with a pretty good corrosion resistance. Theoretically this natural corrosion resistance is not sufficient to withstand natural conditions as a channel letter material. Fortunately, however, improvement methods have been developed over the years with an effort to promote the application of aluminium in various industrial fields. As a result, the color coated 1050 channel letter aluminum coil strip appears on the stage.

3003 aluminum channel letter coil falls on Al-Mn alloy featured by a stronger hardness and corrosion resistance than the strongest 1xxx aluminium alloy, 1100, not to mention 1050. After being painted, 3003 aluminium coil boasts even better performances as a channel letter coil. With the manganese alloy, its service life is extended substantially. In this regard, it seems to be a perfect material for channel letters. Why, then, are many people still choosing 1050 aluminium coil? The key lies in price. Better properties accompany higher prices, and the price of 3003 channel letter aluminum coil strips are higher than 1050 ones. Therefore, clients who expect a shorter service life would love to choose 1050 instead.

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