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Stucco embossed aluminum coil used for insulation

July 28, 2020

Insulation aluminum coil rolls can be either mill finished or embossed, and stucco embossed aluminum coil is one of them. Divided by chemical composition, there are 1 series, 3 series and 5 series for stucco embossed aluminum coil china, and the insulation grades are 1060, 3003, 5052, etc. Stucco embossed coil is currently a commonly used insulation material in power plants, chemical plants and other companies in the insulation construction of pipeline equipment.

stucco embossed aluminum coil

In terms of unit price, thermal insulation embossed aluminum coil is several times that of other materials. Users, however, are still willing to choose it. Why? What are the advantages? In terms of performance, the heat conduction efficiency of thermal insulation stucco embossed aluminum coil is several times that of other metals, second only to gold, silver and copper in metals. This indicates that an aluminum coil displays a much better thermal insulation effect than other metal coil rolls of the same thickness. As known to all, the density of aluminium is only one third of copper and iron, thus the price of aluminium coil, although more expensive by weight, proves to be cheap by square meter. In terms of service life, the average service life of stucco or diamond embossed aluminum coil for insulation is much higher than other insulation materials. Most insulation materials will rust, corrode or become broken in 2 or 3 years, while aluminum insulation coil lasts several times longer. Last but not least, aluminum coil has a much higher recyclability. Instead of being discarded like other insulation metals, scrap stucco embossed insulation aluminum can still be sold at more than 80% of the aluminum ingot price, which helps users to save cost substantially.

How to store opened stucco embossed aluminium coil in construction of pipes? During construction, the aluminum coils need to be kept from water, moisture, rain and snow in a dry warehouse. Otherwise oxidation might occur on the coil surface and make the rolls a bunch of scrap aluminium.

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