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aa1100 painted aluminium coil for decoration

aa1100 painted aluminium coil for decoration

Aa1100 aluminum coil can be painted with pe and pvdf to realize various color coatings. The development of color coated aluminium has been driven by both practical and decorative needs. As the biggest metal in the earth’s crust, aluminium has been exploited actively to tackle with possible resource shortage in the future. Relative technology and application is explored with such …

aluminum coil 5182

Aluminum coil 5182 h19 for end stock and tab

Aluminum coil 5182 h19 is a super hard 5182 aluminium alloy. The hardness of 5182 ranks medium in 5000 alloys, but H19 indicates a state even stronger than H18. H1x, indicating simple work hardening state. The second digit, indicating the final work hardening degree of the product, is 1-9. The number 9 is super hard state, which is represented by …

pvdf color coated aluminium coil for venetian blind

PVDF Color Coated Aluminium Coil for Venetian Blind

Color coated aluminium coil is one of our main products. As a semi-processed aluminum products, it covers a wide range of application from the label on your handbag to the operation panel of you newly-purchased car. PVDF color coated aluminium coil has a better performance than pe rolls in both corrosion resistance and durability. One of its usages is a …

aluminium coil

Aluminium Coil 5086 For Marine Vehicles

Aluminium coil, with its huge family members of adaptable properties, relative lightness and lower price, wins popularity in many industries. 5086 aluminium alloy maintains more magnesium than other 5xxx alloys. It has higher strength than 5052 and 5083, and particularly resistant to salt water corrosion. Because it’s not heat treated, it is easy to form, stamp and weld. Owing to …

aluminium coil

Aluminium Coil Used for Car Frame

Recently BMW pushed out its new series of cars with great promotion strategy. The most attractive part, also the selling point repeated emphasized by BMW, is the material of the new car’s frame–aluminium coil. This aroused curiosity about aluminium in many people. Today we’re going to talk about a series of aluminium coil which is suitable to be applied as …

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