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3003 aluminium gutter coil stock advantages

July 22, 2020

3003 aluminium gutter coil stock is a color coated aluminum coil between 0.3mm and 0.6mm thick, and of tempers H24 and H26. 3003 coil aluminium is endowed with good anti-rust ability, bright attractive surface and excellent impact resilience. The addition of a small amount of Mg significantly refines the annealed crystals of 3003 alloy, and improves the tensile strength and elongation. Mill finished 3003 aluminum coil finds its applications in superior wine caps, beverage caps, cosmetic caps and power battery housings. Combining all the advantages above, color coated 3003 aluminum coil rolls obtain strengthened erosion resistance and weather resistance from the coating layers.

3003 aluminium gutter coil stock

Specifically, 3003 aluminium coil boasts the following advantages as a gutter coil stock. First, with a density of 2.71kg/m3, 3003 weighs much smaller than 1xxx aluminium rolls, helping to save raw materials and production costs for gutter manufacturers. Second, advanced coating process attributes to high gloss and bright level of 3003 coil surface. The coating layer further functions as a protector of the coil surface against corrosive materials and cracking forces in natural conditions, extending the service life of gutters substantially. Third, 3003 color coated aluminum gutter coil stock has good processing performance (easy to bend and shape) and excellent weldability, suitable for brazing, gas welding, arc welding, contact spot welding and wire welding.

As a professional gutter aluminium coil stock supplier in China, Haomei supplies 3003 mill finish and color coated aluminium rolls of 0.2mm to 4.5mm thick, 100mm to 2650mm wide, and tempers covering O/H12/H14/H16/H18/H19/H22/H24/H26/H2. In particular, we attach high importance to safe packaging of our aluminium coil rolls, and strict anti-moisture and anti-impact measures are taken to guarantee safe shipment of the rolls.

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