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Is aluminum gutter coil cold rolled or hot rolled

July 21, 2020

Is aluminum gutter coil cold rolled or hot rolled? To figure this out, we should learn the differences between hot and cold rolled rolls as well as requirements of aluminium gutter coil.

Differences between hot and cold rolled coil aluminum

Cold rolling is rolling of aluminium at the recrystallization temperature, and hot rolling is rolling above the recrystallization temperature. Cold rolling is processed by a casting machine into cast rolls (8mm thickness) and processed by a cold rolling mill. The process is: aluminum ingots-smelted-rolled into strips by the casting mill. In comparison to hot rolled aluminum coil rolls, cast-rolled materials have a higher production efficiency and lower prices. However, defects such as component segregation and inclusions are not easy to be solved, and the quality is not as good as hot rolled materials. Usually the elongation of the cold rolled aluminium products is lower than that of the hot rolled ones. Cold rolling mainly deals with non-heat-strengthened plates, and generally requires relatively high surface requirements, and ultra-thin materials such as single zero foil and double zero foil can only be rolled by cold rolling. Cold rolled aluminium coil plates are mostly used for molds.

aluminum gutter coil

Hot rolling first provides blanks for cold rolling. Aluminum ingots (400-500mm thickness) are and rolled by hot rolling mills at high temperatures. The process is: aluminum ingots-smelted and cast into slabs-mill finish-homogenization annealing-hot rolled into strips. A hot-rolled aluminum roll has strong mechanical properties and ductility, good oxidation effect, and a brighter surface. If the material requires high corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and strong plasticity, hot rolling is required. Hot rolled aluminum coil sheets are suitable for stamping and drawing.

Requirements of aluminium gutter coil

Aluminum coil for gutter must be strong in corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. And considering that it will be bent before becoming gutters, its plasticity should be good, too.

Is aluminum gutter coil cold rolled or hot rolled

Based on the features of cold rolling and hot rolling, and the requirements of gutter coil aluminum above, hot rolling is better as a process for the coil roll.

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