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PVDF Color Coated Aluminium Coil for Venetian Blind

December 7, 2018

Color coated aluminium coil is one of our main products. As a semi-processed aluminum products, it covers a wide range of application from the label on your handbag to the operation panel of you newly-purchased car. PVDF color coated aluminium coil has a better performance than pe rolls in both corrosion resistance and durability. One of its usages is a raw material for the venetian blind. When you search on the internet, most suppliers list size and advantages of aluminum blinds yet few tell you about aluminium alloys. Generally speaking, both 5052 and 3003 are frequently applied alloys for aluminium coil for venetian blind. Some suppliers list 1050, 1060 and 1070 etc., about which the author poses doubts, because 1000 series aluminium coil rolls have such a poor corrosion resistance and strength that they last short as shutters. While being used for venetian blinds, 5052 and 3003 aluminum coils are usually made at H19 state. Thickness and width scopes available vary from supplier to supplier. Haomei provides a regular thickness from 0.125mm to 0.25mm and a width from 15mm to 100mm. In spite of that, customized specifications, including colors and designs, are acceptable.

pvdf color coated aluminium coil for venetian blind

The PVDF color coated aluminum coil is adopted as raw material for venetian blinds based on its favorable performance which caters for modern people’s psychological needs. Whatever color it’s painted with, aluminum coil for venetian blind gives off a fashionable metal atmosphere. Light and neat, the blind blends in with other decorative furniture perfectly, taking on a simple modern beauty. The blind also makes cleaning work much easier. Lazy people can just wipe it regularly using a wet piece of cloth without worrying about color fading. 3003 and 5052 aluminium are endowed with great corrosion resistance that is further strengthened by technical surface treatments. In addition, no curtains are necessary for such a blind, and thus you are spared from troubles in washing curtains. Privacy proves to be a top need of modern people. Venetian blinds made of aluminum coil can protect your privacy perfectly. You just need to adjust opening angles of shutter straps to keep possible pries, noise, rain and light outside. Of course, the same method is adoptable if you need full light on a fine day.

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