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Aluminium Strip 1mm for Battery Shells

December 10, 2018

As a narrow belt of the given hardness, aluminum strip is obtained by further slitting of aluminium rolls. It’s divided into many specifications based on varied end usages. For example, aluminium strip 1mm serves as a raw material for shutters, labels, bottle caps, battery shells etc. Different from other end products, cell phone battery shells have an even higher requirement about corrosion resistance as well as friction resistance because they are touched more frequently by sweaty hands and rough pockets. Therefore, 5052 aluminum strip proves to be the best raw material. 5052 contains some magnesium that is well known for light weight and excellent anti-rust property. The combination of magnesium and aluminum make 5052 much stronger in corrosion resistance than other alloys. 3003 aluminium coil is also suitable as a raw material for aluminium strip 1mm, but it has poorer performance than 5052 in either hardness or corrosion resistance.

aluminium strip1mm

Aluminium strip 1mm wins increasing popularity as a raw material for phone battery shells because of its light weight, good processing ability, long durability as well as excellent corrosion resistance. It weighs only one third of steel and copper. And aluminium takes up 8.3% of all elements in the earth’s crust, ranking the first among metal elements. In practical application, it’s the second largest metal second only to iron and steel, and is likely to take place the latter in numerous industries. Mixed with different elements such as silicon, zinc, manganese, magnesium etc, it can be made into hundreds of alloys with dozens of tempers available. This enables it to perform varied hardness and tensile strength to meet different processing needs. Suitable for processes such as casting, punching, slitting, deep drawing, spinning, color coating, embossing, anodizing, oxidizing and so on, it extends its battle field successfully against iron, stainless steel and even plastics in almost any known area. Well-processed aluminium strip 1mm has excellent durability, lasting so long that the shell remains new when the user decides to discard the phone after years of using.

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