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1050 aluminium circles manufacturing process

December 11, 2018

Aluminum circles have become a widely applied semi-processed aluminium products in huge demand. In addition to 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003, aluminium circle 1050 is an excellent raw material for kitchen utensils like pots, kettles, strainers and lighting parts like lamp covers and bases. 1050 aluminium circles manufacturing process is more or less the same at different factories.

1050 aluminium circles manufacturing process

Simply speaking, the process consists of aluminum wafer stock feeding, disc cutting, disc stacking and packing. Circle stocks may be of sheet or roll type. Sheets can be fed directly for disc cutting, but rolls have to be flattened first before being fed into the cutting machine. Here a decoiler is needed before the feeding machine. The decoiler has lines of rollers stressing and stretching an aluminum roll until it becomes flat little by little. The flattened part are sent to the feeding machine which further sends it to the cutting machine. The feeding machine is located below the cutter. It can usually sways from the right to the left, making the flat sheet sway along so that the cutter is able to cut several circles out of the sheet horizontally. When the previous line of circles are successfully cut off, a line of holes of the same size with the circles are left. Then the feeding machine sends the sheet a little forward for the cutter to carry out the next round of task. In this way the originally aluminum coil roll becomes waste sheet with numerous holes at last, and the wast sheet is again coiled for recycling. The circles, on the other hand, are examined and stacked by operators or a stacking machine.

1050 aluminium circle has been our hot products for years. If you are in need of aluminium circles or more information about aluminium circles manufacturing process, welcome to send inquires by any contact ways convenient for you!

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