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3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet

December 12, 2018

Embossed aluminum sheet is a common semi-processed aluminium product with excellent anti-skid and decorative functions. Its regular patterns include 5-bar, 2-bar, 1-bar, diamond, ripple, stucco etc. Some patterns are designed to make a sheet more slip resistance and others more decorative. Stucco embossed aluminum sheet belongs to the latter. Owing to its dense shallow patterns, the sheet has poorer anti-slip performance. However, these patterns function to diffuse light and heat, making the sheet a perfect material for radiators and covers for lamps aiming to supply soft light.

3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet

Normal alloys for stucco embossed aluminum sheet are 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5005, 5052 and 5754. 3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet is a frequently applied type of embossed sheet series. It contains the element of manganese which boasts excellent corrosion resistance, thus it’s also known as an anti-rust aluminium sheet. At cold deforming state, 3003 stucco sheet tends to peel off with strengthened deforming degrees. It’s not suitable for anodizing, which will cause uneven colors on the surface. In spite of these, it still covers a wide range of application owing to light weight and extraordinary corrosion resistance. Part of its usages are exterior packing, machinery parts, fridge radiators, air ducts, ship panels, vehicle wall panels, pressure containers, cooling devices, TV towers, military vehicle parts etc.

As an experienced manufacturer with more than 10 years exporting history, Haomei supplies 3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet of competitive price. Our clients come from all over the world. We have a service team speaking Spanish, Russia, Arabic as well as English. Welcome to send inquiries!

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