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Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheet Maintenance 1

December 6, 2018

Semi-processed aluminium products plays an important role in our life. Take mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet for example. It serves as raw material at hour homes for items from furniture to wall panels. Then how to maintain the sheet effectively?

1. Do not tear off the protective film of a mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet product during installation, because accidental scratches are deadly for the sheet. You can remove the film after all interior decoration work of your home is finished.

mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet

2. Some products with aluminum mirror sheet are placed in special areas like washing rooms, where there’s a great chance for them to get contact with water and moisture. In such cases, you should wipe the sheet surface with dry soft cloth gently from time to time. Otherwise the sheet might get corroded owing to long term exposure to moisture. No sharp or hard cleaning materials should be applied even though there are solid stains, for they are likely to damage the oxidized film of mirror sheets.

3. If you want to maintain mirror finish aluminum sheet very carefully, you are advised to obtain specialized cleaning and maintaining agents which actually helps to extend the sheet’s service life and reduce your expenditure eventually.

4. The key to protecting aluminum mirror sheet is to keep its oxidizing film safe and sound, thus choosing products with thick solid oxidizing films is a good choice. Some manufacturers have launched sheets with oxidizing films which will never get off. This entail advanced technical level for sheet manufacturers and higher prices for purchasers. You can decide whether to buy such products based on your own budget.

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