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Aluminium Coil 5086 For Marine Vehicles

March 29, 2018

Aluminium coil, with its huge family members of adaptable properties, relative lightness and lower price, wins popularity in many industries. 5086 aluminium alloy maintains more magnesium than other 5xxx alloys. It has higher strength than 5052 and 5083, and particularly resistant to salt water corrosion. Because it’s not heat treated, it is easy to form, stamp and weld.

aluminium coil

Owing to its exceptional performance of salt water corrosion, 5086 aluminium coil is more frequently applied for components of marine vehicles. The first related application falls on boat hulls. Traditional boats were made of tree trunks or wood boards, which floats easily but has dissatisfying anti-corrosion property. Wood rots within years. It also lacks enough strength compared with metals. Therefore, with development of technology and processing skills, metals of good flotation and anti-corrosion performances came to stage for boats. Aluminium coil 5086, perfectly meeting all requirements above, becomes an ideal candidate.

For larger ships 5086 aluminium coil is also applicable. Gangways, keeping people inside the ship, can be made of this aluminum alloy. Ramps and stairs used on ships, can also be made of 5086. Besides, 5086 can also form support structures of ships and vessels. In fact, 5086 is so widely applicable in ships that many large parts like compartments for living and storage, decks for entertainment and other separated spaces can be made of 5086. Even vehicles underwater, like submarines, can not avoid the application of aluminium coil 5086. The pressure housing of submarines are commonly made of high-strength steel, but outside the pressure housing, there is a housing which does not undertake pressure. This housing, always lighter, is made of aluminium coil or other lighter materials. With price advantage and technology development 5086 will definitely be applied to more areas of marine vehicles.

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