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Why Is Stucco Aluminum Coil Chosen For Fridge Inner Container

March 27, 2018

Boasting its super number of alloys and numerous adaptable processing properties, aluminum stucco coil have taken place of many other metals in manufacturing industry. The most encouraging example is refrigerator, almost the whole body of which is made up of aluminum. When we open an empty fridge, we see its inner containers. These containers, although declared to be made of copper or stainless steel by businessmen, are actually aluminum coil plate in most cases.

Stucco embossed aluminum coil is chosen as raw material for fridge inner containers by manufacturers for several reasons. First, it has necessary heat conductivity. Second, its 5xxx series are well-known for their super corrosion resistance, an inevitable condition required of fridge raw materials. Last but not least, it’s of lower price than other suitable metals. Then why manufacturers choose embossed aluminum coil plate, rather than even aluminum coil plates, as raw material? Because the former can effectively increase exchange length and area between airs inside and outside the inner container. Under the condition that the inner space won’t be obviously reduced, Applying embossed plate is an effective way to enlarge contact area between the air and the container.

5083 aluminum coil is among the frequently used materials for fridge inner containers. As other members of 5xxx family, 5083 is of favorable strength, satisfying corrosion resistance and good workability. But it’s used as raw material for fridges for another exceptional property—coldness withstanding. It can withstand extremely low temperature without going deformed or getting its other properties changed. Haomei Aluminum, with decades of manufacturing experience and long exporting history, provides varous aluminum alloys including 5xxx series. For more information about us, please contact us at april@aluminumhm.com. We’ll dedicate ourselves to serving our clients from all over the world as usual.

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