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Aluminum coil 5182 h19 for end stock and tab

May 8, 2020

Aluminum coil 5182 h19 is a super hard 5182 aluminium alloy. The hardness of 5182 ranks medium in 5000 alloys, but H19 indicates a state even stronger than H18. H1x, indicating simple work hardening state. The second digit, indicating the final work hardening degree of the product, is 1-9. The number 9 is super hard state, which is represented by hx9. The minimum tensile strength limit value of hx9 state is at least 10MPa or more than hx8 state. Mechanical properties of 5182-h19: tensile strength: 2380mpa, yield: 2320mpa, elongation: 21% (thickness: 0.5 ~ 1.5mm), hardness: 2114hb.

aluminum coil 5182

The most popular application of 5182 h19 aluminium coil falls on end stock. There are generally two types of aluminium materials for end stock. The can body is usually made of 3104h19, and the cover 5052h19 or 5182h19, both of which can be made into pull tabs as well. The cover needs to be harder than the body, and the hardness of 5xxx h19 aluminium perfectly meets the requirement. Though mainstream end stock is not aluminum at present, it’s likely to catch on with development of environmental protection measures. Aluminium beverage cans are lighter and more shock resistant. As for higher price, key reason preventing it from being more popular, will be buffered by technology development in aluminum alloy production and end stock thickness reduction. The thinnest part of can covers made of 5182-H19 aluminum coil reaches 0.218, which is likely to get smaller in not long future.

A novel application of h19 5182 aluminium alloy coil proves to be draw-bar box bodies that require both hardness and service life. 5182 h19 is hard enough to withstand pressure from clothing and items inside a box, and to boycott possible impact of shocks outside. In addition, it’s a member of anti-corrosion aluminium family, showing long service life in common conditions.

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