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Why do some aluminium chequered plate sheets break easily

May 8, 2020

Some aluminium chequered plate purchasers might be confronted with a head-scratching problem: the sheets they bought break easily in further process. What are the causes? Well, it should be your supplier rather than you to take the blame, for such a problem usually derives from inappropriate production process.

First, poor section design. Improper treatment of the distribution of the internal ribs or inaccurate angle of the interface may cause the existence of stress concentration, which further leads to the brittleness of a chequered aluminium plate. This can be solved by adjusting rib arrangement distance and angle, especially eliminating the right and acute angles at the interface parts.

aluminium chequered plate

Second, insufficient die pressure. The pressure at the die head in roller of aluminium chequer plates is directly determined by the compression ratio of the die, especially the length of the straight section of the die. If the compression ratio of the die is too small or the straight section is too short, the finished checker plates will not be dense and poor in physical properties like tensile strength and shock resistance.

Third, poor shunt convergence. Vague ribs in the end or ribs of insufficient length weaken the hardness of an aluminium chequered sheet plate, too. This might be solved in the following ways, according to varied reasons. 1. Increase the compression ratio of the die or the convergence length of the ribs and the outer surfaces. The die pressure can be adjusted by changing the length of the straight section of the die. 2. In the die design stage, different compression ratios can be selected to change the extrusion pressure, but make sure that the compression ratio of the head should be compatible with the compression ratio of the extruder screw. 3. Die pressure can also be changed by changing the formula, adjusting the extrusion process parameters, and adding porous plates to change the melt pressure.

These are regular reasons for aluminum chequered plates to break in further process. More complicated causes exist in practice. And as a buyer, the only reliable way to avoid buying such plates is to choose a supplier with good credit. Haomei, with 12-year export and 20-year manufacturing history, has serves clients from over 80 countries. Welcome to send inquiries!

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