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aa1100 painted aluminium coil for decoration

May 12, 2020

Aa1100 aluminum coil can be painted with pe and pvdf to realize various color coatings. The development of color coated aluminium has been driven by both practical and decorative needs. As the biggest metal in the earth’s crust, aluminium has been exploited actively to tackle with possible resource shortage in the future. Relative technology and application is explored with such a trend. In the past decades the application of aluminium coil sheet products ranked number two in regular industrial products. While dark silver aluminium rolls could only be used for basic industries like cookware, the painted aluminium coil came into being to widen aluminium application to much more fields, such as advertising, interior decoration, exterior decoration, furniture, vehicle panels and so on.

aa1100 painted aluminium coil for decoration

Painted aa1100 aluminum coil contains 99% aluminium, boasting the strongest hardness in 1xxx series of aluminium. Nevertheless, it can not compete in hardness with coils of any other series. 1100 has good tensile strength, forming ability, welding property and erosion resistance. Unlike 3xxx that can not be anodized, it obtains a stronger corrosion resistance and a beautiful appearance by anodizing. The only weakness lies still in its low hardness, which can not be strengthened by heat treatment, but only by natural states of harder ones like H18. 1100 aluminum roll coil of natural colors is used in vehicles, container tanks, hardware parts, deep drawing and spinning units, heat sinks etc, and painted 1100 coil in exterior decoration, advertising, high end cookware etc.

Haomei supplies 1100, 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003, 3004, 3005, 5005, 5052 and 6061 painted aluminium coil rolls of 0.5mm to 8mm thick. The coating thickness is over 25 micron. One side and two-side painting are available. We have a 10-year guarantee for pe coils and 25-year guarantee for pvdf rolls. In the past two decades, our clients have made our aluminium products into rain gutters, kitchenware, outdoor panels, roofing sheets, truck shells and so on. Growing with the market, we are receiving less and less complaints and more and more clients from all over the world.

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