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Aluminium checker plate 6mm for flooring

January 31, 2020

An aluminium checker plate 6mm refers to an aluminum chequered sheet with a thickness of 6mm. Aluminum checker plates belong to a commonly used aluminum plate variety which differs from ordinary aluminum plates in surface. While the surface of other aluminum sheets is flat and smooth, checker plates have a patterned surface of various designs, including five bar, diamond, three bar, two bar, ripple, hammer etc. These patterns are not only beautiful but also slip resistant. Pattern type is an important way to classify aluminium checkered plates. A second way is the alloy composition, the variation of which results in difference in application. By composition there are pure and alloy checker plate sheets. Pure plates mainly include 1050, 1060,1070 and 1100, and alloy plates 3003, 3105, 5052, 5083, 5754, 606, 2024, 8011 and 5086 etc, among which the most commonly used are 1100, 1050, 1060, 3003, 5052, 5083 and 6061.

1050, 1060,1070 and 1100 6mm aluminum checker plates are made of pure aluminum. Due to the simple process and low cost, it is mostly used for cold storage and vehicle floors, bus floors, and truck pedals. Represented by 1060, its main function is to prevent people treading on the panels from slipping.

aluminium checker plate 6mm

3003 and 3105 are the 3 series aluminum-manganese alloy pattern aluminum plates. Because of the addition of alloying elements, these plates show many advantages in terms of performance over pure plates. Rust resistant and strong in hardness, they are often used in kitchen decoration, train carriages, truck bodies and other places subject to rust. Better mechanical performances and longer service life help them stand out from the crowd. While being used in flooring, they usually have fixed specifications, like 8×4 aluminium chequer plate, in which 8×4 referring to its size.

The last is the 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum checker plates. The alloy element here is magnesium known for excellent corrosion resistance and low density. Strongest in both hardness and rust resistance, these plates are mainly used for seawater resistance in ship decks of corrosive ships, yachts and aerospace industries like aircraft pedals. The representative grade is 5052.

Beautiful and practical, an aluminium checker plate 6mm can be of varied patterns, alloys and prices, which poses challenge to purchasers in information filtration. You need also to learn much other relative knowledge, like aluminum checker plate thickness measurement methods, quality judgment methods etc, before being a mature buyer in the industry.

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