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Aluminum mirror polish sheet surface treatment precision

January 31, 2020

The aluminum sheet mirror polish is a kind of polished aluminium sheet. Its surface treatment precision has an essential influence on the comprehensive performance of aluminum plate.

aluminum sheet polish

A polish aluminum sheet is a special type of aluminum sheet used for decorative purposes, the basic requirements of which are good reflectivity and long service life. Whether a sheet is satisfying or not largely depends on the success degree of its surface treatment. Therefore, it’s crucial to have its surface treated accordingly. Normally, the first step of the surface treatment is spraying. According to the different requirements of aluminum plate properties, the designer will adopt the non feasible grave coating drying process. Only aluminum plates with uniform surfaces can be used for the production of reflective aluminum mirror sheet pieces.

In actual use, some users of aluminium mirror sheets might encounter the problem of degradation in mirroring performance, which is caused by the nonstandard surface straightening of the plates, or by failure in effective cleaning of the sheets’ surface, which proves to be hard, actually. In order to meet the different use conditions, a mirror aluminum sheet polish also needs special anti-oxidation polishing treatment.

The mirror aluminum plates with superior performance in the market, like a 98 reflective aluminum sheet, are all obtained by repeated and scientific surface treatment, the precision of which not only influences the use effect of the sheets, but also affect their market prices. High quality polished aluminum mirror sheets are featured by vivid color, high reflectivity and strong durability. These prove to be key points purchasers need to pay attention to in practice.

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