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5xxx aluminium mirror sheet

January 30, 2020

A 5xxx aluminium mirror sheet refers to a reflective aluminum mirror sheet of Al-Mg alloy, including 5005, 5052, 5083 etc. Similar to aluminum, magnesium is silver-white, and it is the lightest metal found in the world. Its density is only one-fourth that of steel and one-third lighter than aluminum that is known for light weight. As the eighth element of the earth’s reserves, magnesium does not interact with fluoride, hydrofluoric acid or chromic acid, neither is its stability affected by caustic alkali. Combining it with aluminum physically in given ratios stimulates the birth of a whole new alloy of 5000 series of aluminium mentioned above. The corrosion resistance gets greatly improved because of the assistance of Mg, so does its hardness, for the metal’s strength increases with that of the temperature in spite of its low ductility in regular conditions.

5xxx aluminium mirror sheet

5xxx aluminium mirror sheets covers a wide range of scope in application. To improve their hardness, they are usually obtained by continuous casting and rolling, typically by hot rolling which qualifies them as excellent materials for a further anodizing process, one of the key methods in producing aluminium mirror glass sheets. As a result, 5005, 5052, 5083 and 5754 rank high among alu mirror sheet materials. Finished reflecting aluminum sheets are bright, strong, corrosion resistant and long lasting, made into cell phone shells, laptop housings, gate ornaments, interior panels for cars, reflective covers for lighting and so on.
Haomei supplies both common and super aluminium mirror sheets, the reflectivity of which are respectively 86% and 95%. You can choose either polished or anodized sheets, and color coating is available with the latter. Dozens of colors are on the table, such as gold, rose gold, blue, red, copper brown and so on. Thickness we can deal with ranges from 0.15mm to 8mm, and anodizing film thickness is made as required. As commented by our clients in Europe and Asia, we provide top-class service among China reflective aluminum sheet manufacturers, which inspires us to move on in increasingly fierce competition.

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