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polished aluminum sheet for solar parabolic collector

Polished Aluminum Sheet For Solar Parabolic Collector

Polished aluminum sheet for solar parabolic collector are used in solar thermal power stations or medium and high temperature solar thermal utilization projects.   The high reflective mirror aluminum sheet launched by Haomei Aluminum is such a product applied as reflector of solar collector. This kind of mirror aluminum sheet uses 1060 aluminum as the base material. Through the continuous polishing process, the surface became a reflective layer …

aluminium mirror sheet

Mechanical Polishing of Aluminium Mirror Sheet

At present there are two types of process for polishing of aluminium mirror sheets: mechanical polishing and anodization polishing. The former produces sheets with a reflectivity of around 80% and the latter, also known as oxidizing, yields solar reflective aluminum material mirror sheets of 98% reflectivity. Mechanical polishing usually adopts a flat automatic polishing machine boasting advanced components, latest manufacturing technology, …

5xxx aluminium mirror sheet

5xxx aluminium mirror sheet

A 5xxx aluminium mirror sheet refers to a reflective aluminum mirror sheet of Al-Mg alloy, including 5005, 5052, 5083 etc. Similar to aluminum, magnesium is silver-white, and it is the lightest metal found in the world. Its density is only one-fourth that of steel and one-third lighter than aluminum that is known for light weight. As the eighth element of …

1.8mm aluminium sheet glass mirror

1.8mm aluminium sheet glass mirror

A 1.8mm aluminium sheet glass mirror is a type of mirror sheets of 1.8mm thick. Such a thickness ranks medium in alu mirror sheets, commonly from 0.15mm to 8mm thick. In fact, the mirror aluminum plate is a special kind of aluminum plate. Through various methods such as rolling and grinding, the surface of the plate is mirror-like. While in …

aluminium sheet aluminium sheet coil gold mirror

Aluminium sheet aluminium sheet coil gold mirror

An aluminium sheet aluminium sheet coil gold mirror is a polished aluminum mirror sheet roll of gold color. With a flat smooth colored surface, the sheet has a thickness of only around 1mm. Its surface must be strong enough to withstand the rolling force while being rolled up into a coil. Reflectivity of the sheet falls on three categories: standard, …

aluminium black mirror sheet

Aluminium black mirror sheet used for interior decoration

An aluminium black mirror sheet refers to a piece of aluminium mirror sheet with a black surface. Like regular alu mirror sheets, it’s usually used for decorative purposes, but black mirror sheets have a better decoration effect for it has a classic color of black which matches perfectly with any decoration style, just like people match a pair of black …

aluminium mirror reflector sheet grade 1060 for led light

Aluminium Mirror Reflector Sheet Grade 1060 for Led Light

Aluminium mirror reflector sheet grade 1060 is a common material for the led light. 1060 aluminum sheet has a aluminium content of 99.6%, also referred to as a pure aluminum alloy whose content of aluminum reaches 99% and above. Pure aluminium is among the most frequently applied series. It has a great advantage in price over all other series, because …

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