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polished aluminium mirror sheet metal

Polished Aluminium Mirror Sheet Metal of Super Reflectivity

The phrase “aluminium mirror sheet” is a general name for all polished and anodized mirror aluminum sheet metals. It’s further divided into types of standard, high and super high reflectivity. Polished aluminium mirror sheet metal of super reflectivity has a reflectivity of 95%, the highest as known in the market. Polished aluminium sheet of super reflectivity is regarded as a …

aluminium mirror reflector sheet grade 1060 for led light

Aluminium Mirror Reflector Sheet Grade 1060 for Led Light

Aluminium mirror reflector sheet grade 1060 is a common material for the led light. 1060 aluminum sheet has a aluminium content of 99.6%, also referred to as a pure aluminum alloy whose content of aluminum reaches 99% and above. Pure aluminium is among the most frequently applied series. It has a great advantage in price over all other series, because …

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