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Aluminium black mirror sheet used for interior decoration

November 28, 2019

An aluminium black mirror sheet refers to a piece of aluminium mirror sheet with a black surface. Like regular alu mirror sheets, it’s usually used for decorative purposes, but black mirror sheets have a better decoration effect for it has a classic color of black which matches perfectly with any decoration style, just like people match a pair of black pants with a T shirt of any color. They are used for interior decoration in ceiling, revolving doors, wall cladding, room partition panels, furniture panels etc.

aluminium black mirror sheet

While being used in ceiling, an aluminium black mirror sheet is cut into small square or rectangle pieces which are arranged skillfully with aluminium sheets of other colors like white, green, blue or red, depending on the decoration style the designer is pursuing. These metal pieces form regular designs to create various atmosphere. In a KTV room, for example, a ceiling consisting of squares of red and black sheets gives a happy dreamy sense in the light of dim lamps. While in the living room of a common house, black and white metals produce a simple graceful feeling. In some cases, even three or four colors can be combined if you’d like. The sheets are applied in wall cladding, room partition panels and furniture panels in the same way.

Revolving doors is another important use of black mirror sheet aluminium. Although many people prefer steel mirror sheets in decoration, aluminium sheets have their own advantages. They are lighter and cheaper. And with development in technique, the sheets can be even stronger than soft steel sheets, like 6061 and 7075 aluminium sheets. The only possible weakness of aluminium sheets lies in corrosion resistance, which can be greatly improved by anodizing and painting.

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