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Anodized aluminium sheet for engraving

November 29, 2019

Which alloys are suitable for an anodized aluminium sheet for engraving? Usually there are 3003 and 5052, also known as corrosion resistant aluminium sheet plates. In particular, 3003 H24 anodized aluminium sheet metal is applied frequently.

anodized aluminium sheet for engraving

The thickness of an anodized aluminium sheet for engraving should be at least 2.5mm and above. China national standards say that no aluminium sheets less than 2.0mm thick are allowed to used in exterior wall decoration. The carved aluminum hollow sheets has the characteristics of ventilation and is more affected by wind than the ordinary curtain wall aluminum veneer. If the thickness is insufficient, deformation will occur. It is recommended that the thickness of the carved hollow aluminum veneer for outdoor use is controlled above 2.5mm. Of course, you can also customize thickness of anodized aluminium sheets used for engraving to meet rules in your own country.

In addition to 3003 and 5052, aluminium sheet metals of other alloys are also available for engraving, like 5083 and 6061. Anodized aluminium sheets are used for engraving because of their light weight, good hardness and sufficient resistance to corrosion and weather. Pure aluminium has a density only around one third of iron, much lighter than steel in unit weight. This is crucial because engraved panels are usually used in wall cladding of huge buildings, ceiling for public transportation stations, interior wall decoration and hall gates for hotels, convention centers, art galleries, museums and so on, and the lighter the weight of an engraved panel, the smaller burden it brings to a building. Good hardness of anodized aluminum sheets lies in the fact that engraved aluminium panels are strong enough to withstand any possible external forces like winds in the local area. Generally speaking, 5052 is harder than 3003, and 6061 harder than 5052. After being anodized, the corrosion and weather resistance of these aluminium sheets get greatly improved, and that’s why people are searching for “anodized aluminium sheet for engraving”.

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