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Polished Aluminum Sheet For Solar Parabolic Collector

December 9, 2022

Polished aluminum sheet for solar parabolic collector are used in solar thermal power stations or medium and high temperature solar thermal utilization projects.


The high reflective mirror aluminum sheet launched by Haomei Aluminum is such a product applied as reflector of solar collector. This kind of mirror aluminum sheet uses 1060 aluminum as the base material. Through the continuous polishing process, the surface became a reflective layer to form a highly reflective mirror aluminum material with a reflectivity as high as 95%±1% or 98%±1%.

polished aluminum sheet for solar parabolic collector

The polished aluminum sheet for solar parabolic collector produced by Haomei Aluminum is 1250mm, and the thickness is between 0.2mm and 1.5mm. Packed in rolls for easy transportation, the mirror surface of polished aluminum sheet is covered with plastic film to protect the mirror from damage. The company offers mirrored polished aluminum coil surfaces with reflectivity of 95% and 98% total solar reflectance. Due to the weather resistant layer, all solar mirror aluminum sheet products are ideal for outdoor use in CPC mirrors (CPC = Compound Parabolic Concentrating), for vacuum tube collectors or parabolic trough concentrators (CSP = Concentrated Solar Power). Can also be used as a material for concentrating reflectors for photovoltaic applications (CPV = Concentrated Photovoltaics).


Our polished aluminum sheet for solar parabolic collector with high performance create ideal conditions for the efficient use of electricity generation. Ten-year warranty Weather, UV and heat resistant Optimized for maximum solar reflection Easy to clean, moldable, soft and scratch resistant Eco-friendly/emission-free manufacturing process.

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