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Reasons for pot defect of polished aluminum sheet metal

The polished aluminum sheet metal is among the most popular aluminium mirror sheets for its excellent performance and luxurious color. In a previous article we discussed several reasons for pot defect of the sheet. Here we will proceed to deal with the other two reasons: damp wrapping paper board and inappropriate cleaning process. Paper or cardboard is used to separate …

polished aluminum mirror sheet roll

Polished aluminum mirror sheet roll suppliers

A polished aluminum mirror sheet roll for car ornaments is an aluminum coil with a mirror-like surface. In addition to car ornaments, it is also used in aluminum ceilings, integrating ceilings, nameplates, luggage, curtain walls, elevators, interior decoration and other industries. The reflectivity of our mirrored aluminum coil is stable at more than 86%. It can be cut flat and …

high polished aluminum sheet metal suppliers

High Polished Aluminum Sheet Metal Suppliers

Many companies declare that they are high polished aluminum sheet metal suppliers in China, yet any person who knows something about the industry would raise doubts about this. A high polished aluminum sheet is also known as mirror sheets of high reflectivity in China. As known to all, reflectivity improving remains to be a bottleneck in technology for numerous manufacturers …

Why is the Mirror Polished Aluminum Sheet So Widely Applied

Why is the Mirror Polished Aluminum Sheet So Widely Applied

The application of mirror polished aluminum sheet has extended to such a wide scope that we are usually surprised upon spotting them in some products. Sometimes it serves as a packing material for cosmetics and high end gifts, and on other occasions it becomes shells for expensive cell phones and laptops. You sees it as lamp covers on the street, …

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