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Why is the Mirror Polished Aluminum Sheet So Widely Applied

October 11, 2018

The application of mirror polished aluminum sheet has extended to such a wide scope that we are usually surprised upon spotting them in some products. Sometimes it serves as a packing material for cosmetics and high end gifts, and on other occasions it becomes shells for expensive cell phones and laptops. You sees it as lamp covers on the street, walls for buildings and decoration material at shopping malls. Then why is the mirror polished aluminum sheet so widely applied? Why don’t people choose other metals?

Why is the Mirror Polished Aluminum Sheet So Widely Applied

To most people the mirror polished aluminum sheet is simply a plain metal of dull color, but to manufacturers of various products it’s an economic material ready to take place of expensive ones. Generally speaking, aluminum costs more than iron and steel, but less than stainless steel of the same weight. This is hardly an advantage because aluminum mirror sheet costs more than common aluminium sheets as well. Nevertheless, aluminum has an overwhelming natural strength over all other metals frequently applied as industrial materials: small density. In spite of its higher cost, it costs much less than steel of the same size and thickness. In practical application, people use metal sheet by size rather than weight, therefore, polished aluminum sheet proves to be cheaper than stainless steel for clients. In addition, it meets regular requirements about corrosion resistance, temperature, sunshine and workability, which makes it a popular substitute of stainless steel and copper in many areas.

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