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polished aluminum sheet for solar parabolic collector

Polished Aluminum Sheet For Solar Parabolic Collector

Polished aluminum sheet for solar parabolic collector are used in solar thermal power stations or medium and high temperature solar thermal utilization projects.   The high reflective mirror aluminum sheet launched by Haomei Aluminum is such a product applied as reflector of solar collector. This kind of mirror aluminum sheet uses 1060 aluminum as the base material. Through the continuous polishing process, the surface became a reflective layer …

polished aluminum plate building materials

Polished Aluminum Plate Building Materials

Mirror polished aluminum plate building materials are high-end aluminum, and the main aluminum alloy used are 1050 aluminum, 1060 aluminum, 3003 aluminum and 1100 aluminum. The reflectivity of mirror polished aluminum sheet is as high as 98%, the cleanliness is high, and the surface is flat. Haomei Aluminum has a variety of low, medium and high-grade mirror aluminum sheet as building …

polished aluminum mirror sheet

Polished aluminum mirror sheet in CSP

Polished aluminum mirror sheet is used to reflect sunlight to the absorber. Foreign low-temperature photothermal projects have a few configurations. The domestic and foreign medium- and high-temperature photothermal selection reflectors generally include mirror and mirror aluminum sheet. Nowadays, mirrors are more mature, and mirror aluminum is not widely used. The mirror polished aluminum sheet used in the field of phthaloyang energy …

Why is the Mirror Polished Aluminum Sheet So Widely Applied

Why is the Mirror Polished Aluminum Sheet So Widely Applied

The application of mirror polished aluminum sheet has extended to such a wide scope that we are usually surprised upon spotting them in some products. Sometimes it serves as a packing material for cosmetics and high end gifts, and on other occasions it becomes shells for expensive cell phones and laptops. You sees it as lamp covers on the street, …

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