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Polished aluminum mirror sheet in CSP

November 3, 2020

Polished aluminum mirror sheet is used to reflect sunlight to the absorber. Foreign low-temperature photothermal projects have a few configurations. The domestic and foreign medium- and high-temperature photothermal selection reflectors generally include mirror and mirror aluminum sheet. Nowadays, mirrors are more mature, and mirror aluminum is not widely used.

polished aluminum mirror sheet

The mirror polished aluminum sheet used in the field of phthaloyang energy has special requirements for materials, and the product must have corrosion protection, so ordinary oxidized mirror aluminum sheet or PVD mirror surface aluminum sheet cannot be used. The high quality mirror polished aluminum sheet should be used, which is mainly used in outdoor use such as phthaloyang heat collecting photoelectric and phthaloyang heat collecting cookers.


In recent years, in the context of coping with global climate change, as a strategic emerging industry that is supported by many countries, CSP has ushered in another wave of development boom in the world, emerging markets such as China, South Africa, and Middle East and North Africa. It has injected new impetus into the development of the CSP industry.


In order to reduce the cost of CSP as soon as possible, the industry is increasing scientific research investment in the field of CSP, aiming to improve the efficiency of CSP system and reduce the cost of CSP through technological innovation and upgrading of CSP. From the perspective of key equipment polished aluminum mirror sheet, manufacturers around the world are also actively exploring the innovation and upgrading of CSP equipment.

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