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Aluminum plate for auto

October 23, 2020

The more common aluminum plate for auto are 5000 series 5083 aluminum plates, 5754 aluminum plates, etc. Substituting aluminum for steel is the general trend of the vehicle manufacturing industry. Lighter and harder aluminum alloys can be used to replace steel in small cars, trucks, tankers, etc. Aluminum alloy compartment panels have the advantages of light weight reduction, crashworthiness and safety, and high recycling value. They are undoubtedly an ideal material for lightweight vehicles.

aluminum plate for auto

The reason why 5083 aluminum plate is widely used as a auto plate is nothing more than the following:

1, Good processing performance. 5083 aluminum plate has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, good rust resistance, easy to process and shape, and reduces material waste.

2, Obvious advantages in lightweight. The truck compartment made of aluminum alloy plate greatly reduces the weight of the truck, which is very helpful for reducing fuel consumption, energy saving and emission reduction.

3, Aluminum alloy freight cars are about 40% lighter than freight cars made of traditional steel plates, and they carry more cargo, reducing operating costs.


Haomei Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum sheet, strip and foil manufacturer and sales company. The 5083 aluminum plate for auto has mature technology and reasonable prices. It can be produced in many different states, customized according to user needs, and provides original factory warranty and global distribution.

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