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embossed aluminum diamond checker plate roll

Embossed aluminum diamond checker plate roll

An embossed aluminum diamond checker plate roll is a skid-proof aluminum plate with a decorative function. It’s simply a diamond aluminum roll of a given thickness and width. Regular alloys of the roll supplied by Haomei include 1100, 1060, 3003, 5052, 5754, 6061, 6063 and 6082 etc. The maximum thickness of the roll is 8.0mm, but mostly less than 3mm. …

checker plate aluminium embossed patterns

Checker plate aluminium embossed for sale

The patterns of an embossed aluminium checker plate include diamond, ripple, pebble, ribs etc. The diamond pattern is also known as the compass, and the ribs divided into five bar, three bar, one bar, two bar etc., with 5-bar and 1-bar the most popular. Alloys of the checker plate aluminium embossed include 1060, 1100, 3003, 5052, 5754, 6061, 6063 and …

aluminum plate for auto

Aluminum plate for auto

The more common aluminum plate for auto are 5000 series 5083 aluminum plates, 5754 aluminum plates, etc. Substituting aluminum for steel is the general trend of the vehicle manufacturing industry. Lighter and harder aluminum alloys can be used to replace steel in small cars, trucks, tankers, etc. Aluminum alloy compartment panels have the advantages of light weight reduction, crashworthiness and safety, …

aluminium anodizing sheet plate

Reasons for uneven film thickness of aluminium anodizing sheet plate

The uneven thickness of the anodized film of aluminum alloy, occurring frequently in production,seriously affects the subsequent electrolytic coloring and sealing effect of an aluminium anodizing sheet plate. The causes for this includes inappropriate solution temperature, effective area, contact state and sulfuric acid concentration etc. The temperature of the anodic oxidation liquid has an important influence on the uniformity of …

5082 aluminum plate

5082 aluminum plate price

5082 aluminum plate price ranges between $2300 and $3500, up to the specification and surface treatment method you need. Aluminium 5082 is an aluminium magnesium alloy which can be hardened by cold work: it is not heat treatable to higher strength. As other Al-Mg members, it’s lighter than other series of aluminum alloys. It is about mid way through the …

curtain wall anodized aluminum plate

Curtain wall anodized aluminum plate

We supply curtain wall anodized aluminum plate 1100, 3a21, 3003, 5005 etc. The anodized film is 12μ and above. Thickness of the plate is between 1.5mm to 3.0mm, suitable for high-profile curtain walls. Featured by high strength, good plasticity, low light pollution and high recycle rate, aluminium sheets rank top in modern building curtain wall materials. 1100 aluminum sheet coil …

mirror aluminum sheet plate

Surface treatment processes for mirror aluminum sheet plate

The precision of surface treatment has an initial impact on the integrated property of the mirror aluminum sheet plate. The properties of mirroring and ductility embody applying features of the sheet. Only sheets of superior mirroring performance can meet application requirements in interior decoration, electronic items and various consuming packing. Then what endows the sheet with superior mirroring effect? In other …

high quality aluminum checkered plate 1000 series

High quality aluminum checkered plate 1000 series

The high quality aluminum checkered plate 1000 series is mainly made of 1060 and 1100, which are also known as the pure aluminium series. The representative is 1060 plate. The tensile strength of 1060 aluminium ranges from 110 to 130. Owing to the high content of aluminium(99.6%), it has a relatively low hardness, even lower than 1100. In comparison to …

aluminum coil plate

Reasons for surface defects of aluminum coil plate products

The quality of aluminum coil plate products will directly affect that of their end-products, and surface defects will also cause a lot of trouble for both parties. Attaching high importance to quality proves to be a key feature of excellent aluminum coil plate suppliers. As purchasers, you also need to learn something about quality defects to win in negotiation with …

aluminum checker plate cost

Aluminum checker plate cost

Aluminum checker plate cost varies from supplier to supplier and specification to specification. Suppliers offer different prices because they have different manufacturing costs, which will be excluded here, for a satisfying explanation entails analysis on raw material quality and process technique. Generally speaking, the higher the cost, the better the quality. Here we will focus on specification difference only. The …

aluminum checker plate sizes

Aluminum checker plate sizes

The phrase aluminum checker plate sizes usually refers to the thickness, width and length of an aluminium checker plate. At present, the regular length in the market ranges from 2.0-8mm (commonly 6mm) with an increasing unit of 0.5mm (namely, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and so on), and the width from 800 to 1800mm (normally 1250 and 1500). The types of …

aluminum checker plate for sale

Embrittlement problem of your aluminum checker plate for sale

Embrittlement is one of the common problems in an aluminum checker plate for sale. The problem mainly roots in poor production technology. The specific reasons are mainly concentrated in the following three aspects: 1. The die section design is unreasonable: the improper distribution of the inner ribs of the aluminum checker plate and the interface angle will cause stress concentration, …

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