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Checker plate aluminium embossed for sale

June 2, 2021

The patterns of an embossed aluminium checker plate include diamond, ripple, pebble, ribs etc. The diamond pattern is also known as the compass, and the ribs divided into five bar, three bar, one bar, two bar etc., with 5-bar and 1-bar the most popular. Alloys of the checker plate aluminium embossed include 1060, 1100, 3003, 5052, 5754, 6061, 6063 and 6082. Tempers can be h12, h22, h32, h14, h24, h34, T4, T6 etc. Among them T4 and T6 are for 6000 series of aluminum plates only, standing for heat treatment methods only suitable for 6000, 2000 and 7000 alloys. The thickness of such a plate ranges between 1.2mm and 8.0mm, including the flat sheet thickness and the pattern height, but the most frequently applied plates are less than 5mm thick, mostly only around 3mm. Width and length of the plates vary from supplier to supplier. Haomei provides maximum width of 1850mm and length 16000mm.

checker plate aluminium embossed patterns

Embossed aluminium checker plates find their applications in building, vehicles, shipbuilding, interior decoration and so on. The most familiar examples of their uses are car flooring, truck flooring, van flooring, bus tread panels, rail way station tread panels, stair case cladding of various places, gym wall cladding, fashion platforms, tool boxes of vehicles etc. The embossed aluminum plates are anti-skid because of the concave-convex patterns on the surface that create strong frictional force between a plate surface and things treading on it. The roughest patterns are five bar and one bar (sometimes called diamond or compass). Some of the other patterns are more decorative, such as stucco, ripple, hammer and so on. These are applied as cladding of room walls, vehicle panels, tool boxes, jewellery cases etc., displaying a bright, beautiful and hard surface.

The price of Haomei checker plate aluminium embossed is not high, only around $100 higher than plain aluminum plates. However, if you want the price lower than plain aluminium sheets, it’s possible. Although we can do that, but we need to guarantee quality first.

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