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Surface treatment processes for mirror aluminum sheet plate

March 18, 2020

The precision of surface treatment has an initial impact on the integrated property of the mirror aluminum sheet plate. The properties of mirroring and ductility embody applying features of the sheet. Only sheets of superior mirroring performance can meet application requirements in interior decoration, electronic items and various consuming packing. Then what endows the sheet with superior mirroring effect? In other words, what are the surface treatment processes?

mirror aluminum sheet plate

Surface treatment processes have a fundamental influence on the performance of reflective aluminum sheet properties in application. Generally speaking, the first process should be spraying painting. Engineers would decide corresponding painting and drying processes in accordance with specific requirements about the sheet surface. Only sheets with uniformly sprayed surfaces are qualified enough to be raw materials of mirror aluminum sheet plates. In practice some users will be confronted with a problem of reduction in mirroring effect, which is usually caused by irregular surface treatment. It’s also extremely difficult to clean such sheets thoroughly. Therefore, a special anti-oxidant polishing treatment is frequently adopted to make the sheets suit surroundings of varied features.

Reflective aluminum mirror sheets performing superior usage properties have all been treated by repeated strict surface processes. The precision of such processes not only influences the sheets’ final application but also impacts their prices, because aluminum mirror sheets of super reflectivity have lasting vivid gloss and long durability. Therefore, purchasers should think twice about quality and price before putting an order.

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