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Aluminum coils 1050 with cover blue

March 17, 2020

Aluminum coils 1050 with cover blue are a a member of color coated aluminium. The paint color is blue. 1050 is the most widely applied type in aluminum coil of 1000 series. Its aluminum content reaches 99.5% or more. Like other alloys of 1000 series, it has weaker strength than coils of other series. Its machine property is dissatisfying unless it goes through hot rolling process. However, it displays excellent plastic property, anti-rust ability, heat conductivity and electrical conductivity. In comparison with other aluminum alloys, 1050 aluminum coil enjoys maturer manufacturing technology, more efficient production, lower price and higher recyclable value. That partly explains why it remains the most popular aluminum coil in so many industries. Besides, it has relatively long service life. Slight oxidation even helps to extend its service life.

Aluminum coils 1050 with cover blue

To cater for practical application, color coated 1050 aluminum coil is usually processed in accordance with given specification. The temper is mostly H18, basic hardness without cold hardening. The thickness and width are respectively from 0.1mm to 3mm and from 400mm to 1600. As for length, it’s commonly up to the clients. Mill finish 1050 aluminum coil serves as raw materials for CTP base, PS base, aluminum plastic boards, lamps and power batter covers. And blue 1050 coil is used as a decorative material in building and advertising.

Generally speaking, Aluminum coils 1050 with cover blue is usually used for further process. It can even be embossed with designs of diamond, willow leaves, pearls etc, and the cut into pieces for various applications. It can be further processed into aluminum circles or slugs that will become raw materials for tubes, cans, pans, pots and housings. To cater for aesthetic requirements of consumers, manufacturers coat aluminum products with other colors or pictures after having them go through an anodizing process.

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