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Future Technical Development for Color Coated Aluminum Sheet in China

October 12, 2018

In the past years productivity of color coated aluminum sheets in China has kept rising owing to constantly growing investment in the industry. However, market regulation is always slower than the practical situation. The fact is that China color coated aluminum sheet industry is faced with over productivity, the reason for which include declining economic development, restricted export environment and ceasing in domestic demand. This is really terrible for numerous manufacturers who were wishing to making great profit before stepping into the industry, but this is good news for the whole industry. Raw material suppliers for the industry have also been increasing and now they have to reduce price to attract clients getting fewer orders than before. This will keep production cost of the industry under control. Further more, color coated aluminum suppliers themselves will also have to take measures to compete in domestic and global markets. The most important measure should be technical development.

color coated aluminum sheet

Technical development of China color coated aluminum sheet industry will be guided by structure changes of the market demand. Specifically speaking, it will focus on three aspects: base plates, paintings and the coating process. Base plates of high quality will be more and more applied. The plates will boast better surface quality, flatter shape and size precision. Rather than using inferior paintings which get peeling off over a short period of time, manufacturers would select paintings of stronger corrosion resistance, weather resistance, solution resistance, anti-bacteria ability, anti-static property and clean keeping property. The coating process will be improved constantly. New technologies like powder cloud coating will spring up. Combining these three inspects China pre-painted aluminum sheet manufacturers will be able to supply painted aluminum sheets with higher quality and richer specifications.

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