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High Polished Aluminum Sheet Metal Suppliers

November 1, 2018

Many companies declare that they are high polished aluminum sheet metal suppliers in China, yet any person who knows something about the industry would raise doubts about this. A high polished aluminum sheet is also known as mirror sheets of high reflectivity in China. As known to all, reflectivity improving remains to be a bottleneck in technology for numerous manufacturers around the country, and suppliers mastering relative technology consider it a first grade commercial secret. The fact is that most polished aluminum sheet suppliers in China can only provide sheets of regular reflectivity, namely, around 85%. Superior sheets defeat other sheets by stabler properties. They last longer in high reflectivity and are easier to be cleaned.

high polished aluminum sheet metal suppliers

Rumors say that an American lab has developed a kind of polished aluminum sheet metal of a 99.9% reflectivity. This will hardly happen in China in near future, because the industry is being restricted by so many obstacles in development. In the past decade, China has witnessed fast growing of mirror aluminum sheet industry in both productivity and supplier number. Similar cases have occurred to all newly born industries, and similar problems are emerging as well. A new market opportunity serves like a newly found vacant land waiting for exploration. So many companies swarmed into the market that it became fuller and fuller. More suppliers mean larger selection scope for purchasers, and eventually the decline in price. If you are unable to supply sheets of higher quality, you’ve got to give lower offers to lure clients. Unfortunately, rules of the game are discarded one by one. The only way to solve the problem, as known by many in the industry, is to improve reflectivity and quality of polished aluminum sheets by mastering new technology. However, few manufacturers are powerful enough to invest in relative research projects. In spite of such a chaos, some suppliers like Haomei are striving to make a breakthrough in producing real high polished aluminum sheet. It takes time, but it will become true.

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