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Diamond Embossed Aluminum Sheet Application

October 31, 2018

The diamond embossed aluminum sheet refers to aluminium sheets with diamond patterns on the surface. In addition to 1000 series, 5005 and 3003 are frequently applied alloys as well. 5005 diamond embossed aluminum sheets can be used for conductivity materials, cookware, instrument panels, electronic shells and building ornaments. Their anodized film proves to be brighter than that of 3003, and the color matches perfectly with that of 6063 aluminum alloy products. Generally speaking, diamond aluminum checker plates are sold by the unit of pieces. In international business the unit of metric ton is frequently used as well. Their thickness ranges from 1.7mm to 8mm, but those between 2mm and 7.75mm prove to be the most popular. The width is from 1010 to 1500, among which 1250 and 1500 are most frequently adopted.

diamond embossed aluminum sheet

Embossed aluminum sheets with different patterns usually match varied application scope. Five-bar and one-bar sheets are mostly used for anti-skid purposes as tread plates for stair steps, elevators, refrigeration house floors and other places with slip-proof requirements. Ripple and stucco embossed aluminum sheets are more commonly used because of their decorative effect. They are processed into fridge inner panels, tool boxes, jewellery cases, wall cladding boards etc. Diamond embossed aluminum sheet belongs to the family of decorative sheets, too. The pattern of diamonds prove to be poor in anti-slip properties but excellent in decoration. The sheet is often applied as packing material for pipelines and exterior packaging for various products. In previous articles we have elaborated so much about advantages of aluminum sheets that it seems they have no weaknesses. They do, however. They cost three or four times more expensive than iron sheets, and aluminium sheets without anodizing treatment get “rusty” (oxidized actually) quickly, which lead to direct sharp down of the sheets’ properties. They are less stronger than iron in vertical strength. The wearing resistance of their anodized film proves to be so vulnerable that they are scratched easily.

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