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Color Coated Mirror Finish Aluminum Sheet 1060 1100

November 2, 2018

Color coated mirror finish aluminum sheet is more and more searched by people through kinds of searching engines. The phrase “color coated mirror finish aluminum sheet 1060 1100” has even become a heated word group on Alibaba. Speaking of application of the aluminum mirror sheet, we usually think reflectors and lamps, the function of which is closed related with natural light and the sheet’s reflectivity. As regarding color coated aluminum, it’s more frequently applied to decoration.

color coated mirror finish aluminum sheet 1060 1100

The combining of the two, color coated mirror finish aluminum sheet, however, is winning more and more popularity than you might think. Shiny and bright, mirror sheets do meet requirements of many end products, but their monotonous color lacks an eye-catching element. Silver is not an attractive color among numerous colors. A tiny aluminum panel would not even be noticed if not for its shiny surface. Therefore, it’s painted with various colors to match items that they decorate. Like discussed in Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheet Colors, there are at least ten colors available for polished aluminum sheets. Imagine a new cell phone shell with unique copper-like color while it is actually made of aluminium. Phone manufacturers are able to promote several kinds of cell phones of the same series, the only difference among which is color. The color of bag and purse labels is not so monotonous any more. They are made of color coated mirror finish aluminum sheet of colors just matching those of a bag or purse. As two most popular alloys for mirror sheets, 1060 and 1100 have inevitably become heated words.

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