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Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheet Colors

September 3, 2018

Mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet is a general terms for aluminum mirror sheets or coils. Although its name includes the word “anodized”, the R series of the sheet has not gone through the anodizing process. Classified by reflectivity degree, it falls on three types: 800 standard sheet, 850 superior sheet and 890 super sheet.

There are two color series for mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet: natural color and metal color. The former includes traditional red, orange, gold, light green, dark green, blue, light blue, purple, gray and black, and the latter comprises titanium gold, champagne, copper red, rose gold, light bronze, dark bronze and steel color.

mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet

Rich colors of mirror finish aluminum sheet metal enables people to apply it in various surroundings. Take cell phone battery housings for example. Most cell phone manufacturers would highlight the color of a new product in their advertising. In China the most popular colors are gold, silver and white. Yet promoters refer to them as “ luxury gold”, “classic sliver” and “pure white”. Some manufacturers are even beginning to regard unique colors as the only big promoting point. They produce phones with aluminum mirror sheet housings in irregular colors like red, blue, green and purple. This turns out to be a brilliant idea. Young consumers, main customers in cell phone market, would pay higher price for a new phone in a unique color, for they regard a distinctive phone as a symbol of identity! In the same way, people would like to have multiple choices in colors of their house walls, pipelines, cars, fridges, lamps etc, which serves as an initial drive for appearance of rich colors on the surface of mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet.

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