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Aluminium Durbar Plate

December 5, 2022

Aluminium durbar plate is another name of aluminum tread plate, which is applied to many places that need anti skid effect or decoration effect. In many industries, the utilization rate of aluminum durbar plate product is relatively high. Different patterns of aluminum treaf plates have different use effects. How should the material of aluminum durbar plates be identified? Aluminum plate manufacturers explain as follows:

aluminium durbar plate

1, Curvature:

Aluminium durbar plate should be plain, and the surface of aluminum tread plate is smooth and flat, without cracks or scratches. So if the aluminum burbar plate you bought has these similar problems, it means that the aluminum plate is not made of good aluminum plate ralw mterial.


2, Color:

Check the color difference of the aluminum tread plate. If the color difference of the aluminum durbar plate is relatively poor, it means that the quality is not up to standard during the production process. When comparing, you can also put the same kind of durbar plate aluminum together for comparison, and choose the aluminum plate with better color after comparison. In addition to checking the color difference, remember to check whether the thickness of the aluminum tread plate is the same as the marked data.


3, Scratches:

To judge whether it is prime quality aluminium durbar plate, you can use a relatively smooth and hard object to scratch the surface of the durbar aluminum plate, which will leave scratches on the surface. If it is with good quality, it can be wiped off by gently wiping it with your hands. If it cannot be wiped off, it means that the quality of the material is problematic. If the scratches can be wiped off, it means that the thickness of the oxide film on the surface of the aluminum tread plate is qualified. The method of surface scratches is the most direct and the most simple method when judging the aluminum tread plate.

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