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Mechanical Polishing of Aluminium Mirror Sheet

March 6, 2020

At present there are two types of process for polishing of aluminium mirror sheets: mechanical polishing and anodization polishing. The former produces sheets with a reflectivity of around 80% and the latter, also known as oxidizing, yields solar reflective aluminum material mirror sheets of 98% reflectivity.

aluminium mirror sheet

Mechanical polishing usually adopts a flat automatic polishing machine boasting advanced components, latest manufacturing technology, high equipment reliability, large output and low overall cost. It can be used in polishing of aluminum mirror sheets for hardware parts, hardware panels and hardware pipes in various industries. The products such as metal plates are sanded, polished and mirror polished, and the mirrored surface is uniform, bright and smooth. Classic products of aluminum mirror polish sheets include bathroom door clips, curved stainless steel bracelets, Apple phone card pins, metal panel planes, key-chains, floor drains, hinges, lock panels and so on. Different sizes of flat polishing machines have requirements on the size of the base aluminium sheet to be polished. For example, some can only deal with flat aluminum sheets with a diagonal size below 650 mm, and any larger or bent sheet can not be polished. Others can polish sheets with a width less than 600 mm while there is no limit in the sheet length. Some can only create the effect of the general mirror, and some is said be able to polish the super mirror. A small, stable polishing machine can replace 10 skillful polishing masters.

Haomei aluminum supplies both mirror polish aluminium and anodized aluminum sheets of regular or super reflectivity. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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