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Application of aluminum circle 3 ply

March 6, 2020

An aluminum circle 3 ply refers to round blanks cut out of aluminum coils. In spite of specific series classification of aluminum alloys, it’s extremely difficult to divide them by application. A series type serves only as a guidance for practical manufacturing. Properties varies from alloy to alloy. Different tempers of the same alloy also lead to differed properties of an alloy. Applications of various aluminum alloys even cross in such a complex way that it’s almost impossible to straighten them up. Therefore, people usually divide applications by interior appearance like shapes or sizes rather than alloys. Take aluminum circle for example, there are alloys of 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series and 8000 series in the market. The sizes are usually between 100mm to 950mm. All the series can be applied in similar industries.

aluminum circle 3 ply
Generally speaking, aluminum circle 3ply functions as raw material for three aspects. The first usage proves to be the most popular one: cookware, which is only a general concept, because specific products of this scope cover larger than cookware. By cookware we usually refer to pots, pressure pots, kettles etc, but basins for washing are also taken into account. Here 1050106010701100 aluminum circle sheet is the most popular. Second, it can be applied in lighting industry. It can be made into covers and decorative parts for lights and lamps. After being anodized and coated, the circle acts as reflective sheet of colorful lights as well as protective covers. Strong anti-corrosion property enables it last long time without getting rust or changing colors, which helps to extend service life of lighting in a way. Third, the circle is also raw material for all kinds of cans. The cans may be used to contain all kinds of materials such as liquid food, beverage, liquid medicine, skin lotion etc.
Haomei Aluminum has decades of manufacturing experience of aluminum disc circle. Its workshop is equipped with automatic swaying production lines of 1300mm wide, 80-ton punch presses of 1600mm wide, 160-ton punch presses of 600-ton monthly productivity, diameter molds from 100mm to 950mm. Both cast rolled and hot rolled 3ply aluminum circles can be produced. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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