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1xxx aluminium circle sheet

March 5, 2020

1xxx aluminium circle sheet ranks the first types of the most widely used aluminum circles. It generally includes alloys of 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100, all of which entail simpler production process than aluminum alloy of other series. Aluminum circle is not obtained by straight punching of ingots. No matter what type of aluminum material you want, including profiles, you have to turn aluminum ingots into sheets or plates first, and then, if you want products of other shapes, the sheets will be rolled into coils. When arriving at an aluminum circle workshop, the coils are flattened first, and then cut into discs of desired sizes.

aluminium circle sheet

The top representative is our 1050 ho temper aluminum circle, used for cookware, lighting, signboards etc. It has medium strength, good conductivity, excellent welding property and perfect anodizing property. 1000 series aluminum alloys have weaker strength than other alloys because they contain the highest content of aluminum which has lower density than iron or copper. For the same reason they display better welding property. Although aluminum can not compete with that of copper in either heat or electrical conductivity, it costs much less and weight far lighter. Besides, aluminum products like 1060 aluminum circle for cooking utensils are endowed with perfect anodizing property. It’s not difficult to coat them with beautiful designs and colors any more. The coating serves not only as an aesthetic factor but also as a protective layer against weather influence. Therefore, 1xxx aluminium circle sheets turn out to be satisfying substitute of copper in similar applications. They are made into light and cost-efficient deep-drawing pots, uniquely-designed lighting covers, shining name plates, weather resistant signboards etc.

Some purchasers are searching for cold rolled & hot rolled 1070 aluminum circle, which is available at Haomei, too. 1070 contains 99.7% aluminum, proving to be the softest of the series. Meanwhile it has an excellent tensile strength, with outstanding performances as a material for cookware and containers. Except for 1050, 1060 and 1070, 1100 aluminum circle is a popular member of 1xxx aluminum circle sheets as well. It has the highest strength and best corrosion resistance, suitable as a material for kitchenware, lamps, battery shells etc..

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