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Anti-skid aluminium checker plate 5754

June 21, 2021

Haomei anti-skid aluminium checker plate 5754 is 1.0mm to 8.0mm thick and 100mm to 1850mm wide. The length is up to 16000mm. Tempers include h12, h22, h32, h14, h24, h34, h111, h114 etc. 5754 is a member of 5000 series of aluminium alloys, featured by medium strength, good corrosion resistance, and excellent forming performance. Although it’s even weaker than 5052 in hardness, 5754 aluminum plate has the highest strength in non-heat treatable aluminum alloy plates. With a better performance in toughness, the plate stands out of other alloys of the 5xxx series in surface processing quality. It adapts well to a variety of surface treatment methods, such as brushing, sandblasting, grinding end, polishing, embossing and so on. All result in excellent effects. Therefore, 5754 aluminium checker plate beats checker plates of other alloys in pattern precision and surface gloss. If you need polished 5754 aluminum checker plates, the processing result is outstanding, too.

Production of aluminium checker plate 5754

Patterns for our anti-skid aluminium checker plate 5754 include all regular ones: five bar, diamond, compass, three bar, four bar, two bar, 1 rib etc. In particular 5-bar and 1-bar plates are the most popular, taking up a large market share in both China and the international markets. If you have no special applications, we recommend 5754 aluminum tread plates of these two patterns, for we sometimes have goods in stock. It will save your time and energy spent on purchasing.

The anti-skid aluminum checker plate 5754 finds its applications in building, decoration and all kinds of vehicle making. Any place requiring skid proof panels might need it, such as stair case cladding in metro stations, planes and public buildings, flooring for vans, trucks, trailers and helicopters, wall cladding for gyms, homes and kindergartens, vehicle toolboxes, and so on. In comparison to aluminium checker plates of other alloys, 5754 alu checker plates show stronger wearing resistance and surface quality.

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