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Bronze anodized aluminum sheet metal for lamps

June 18, 2021

Bronze anodized aluminum sheet metal for lamps is of alloys 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 5005, 5052 etc. Which alloy you should choose is up to the grade and quality of the lamps you need. Generally 1060, 1070 and 1100 alloys are enough for a lamp cover or ornament to last for years, but they are weaker in hardness. Even though they are anodized on the surface, the anodizing effect is far poorer than that of 5005 and 5052. 3003 is better in both strength and corrosion resistance. And its price ranks middle. In regard of anodizing effect, however, nothing can match 5000 series. The first cell phone with an aluminium shell was made of 5000 anodized alu sheet. Later, 6061 and 7075 were adopted successively in cell phone shell making. The bronze anodized alu sheet for lamps is usually 0.5mm to 2mm thick. Width and length can be customized.

Bronze anodized aluminum sheet metal

The sheet metal is applied to lamps for several reasons. First, it’s light. Aluminium is featured by extraordinarily low density and small weight, making it a popular material in many industries. Lighting is of no exception. Many lamps are hung against the ceiling with a wire whose bearing force is limited. The lighter a lamp, the safer it is. Even with table lamps, lightness is favored. Second, an aluminum sheet has a natural corrosion resistance, and a bronze anodized aluminum sheet metal is greatly improved in the resistance by the anodizing step. An anodized film, hard and anti-rust, helps to extend years of the service life of an aluminium lamp cover. Third, the color of bronze is classic and high-end. Even if the bronze film is wearing, its color is do dark that a lamp will still beautiful with the light bronze gloss. The application of bronze anodized aluminium sheet metal makes a lamp more beautiful, decorative and durable.

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