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Painting aluminium checker plate

March 13, 2020

Painting aluminium checker plate is of 1050, 1100, 3003, 5005, 5052 or 8011 alloy. Thickness of the plate is from 0.2mm to 2mm (0.35,0.40, 0.45,0.50, 0.55mm), and paint thickness 18micro to 30 micro. Specific thickness can be customized by per client. Regular tempers include O, H14, H18, H16, H22 etc. Width of the plate can be up to 1200mm. Colors incorporate red, green, brown, gray and so on.

Painting aluminium checker plate

The surface patterns of aluminium checker plates with colors are not popular ones like five bar, and one bar, the function of which is mainly decoration, but shallow patterns such as stucco, ripple, diamond and so on. In addition, the sheet is usually thin of roll type. Because of this, it is also known as coated embossed aluminum coil. Beautiful and unique, these patterns add color to buildings as wall curtain materials. In addition to common designs or pure color, wood grain and stone can be made, too. It’s the color of baking paint and the natural color of texture. Compared with the “skin grafting” color of the film, it is clearer and not hazy. There is a great variety of designs. Hundreds of patterns are available for your choice.

Most aluminum checker plate suppliers provide painted plates, the paint thickness of which is 20 μ m ~ 25 μ m for polyester and 25 μ m ~ 30 μ m for fluorocarbon. In addition, 10 μ m thick varnish shall be coated on the surface. The weather resistance is guaranteed by high quality. PVDF board has a warranty period of 20 years. It can be used as exterior wall and curtain wall board. It is not easy to be corroded and aged, does not need to be replaced frequently, and has few waste sequelae. The surface of the plate is smooth and free of oil stain, and the oil pen can also be wiped clean. The plate is anti-static, anti dust, suitable for use in the kitchen, disinfection room, operating room and other places, and is an ideal anti pollution cleaning board.

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