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Technical parameters of mirror anodized aluminum sheet

February 4, 2020

A mirror anodized aluminum sheet can be of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series. For alloy aluminum plates, the main grades are 5005 and 5657 aluminum. The main element of 5xxx series aluminum mirror sheet is magnesium, the content of which is between 3% and 5%. Therefore, it can also be called mirror alloy aluminum plate, and its production process is continuous casting and rolling, with oxidized deep processing acceptable. Currently 5000 series of aluminum reflective sheets are widely used in fuel tanks, machinery and other fields. 5xxx alloy aluminum plates are more mature than most aluminum plate series, and the mirror effect is good.

mirror anodized aluminum sheet

Technical parameters of the mirror anodized aluminum sheet are as below. First, its executive standards are GB / T3880, ASTM B209, and AA H35.1 / 35.2. Second, its specular emissivity is greater than 90%. Compared with other materials, this figure is high. The emissivity of highly reflective vacuum aluminum plated composite energy-saving material 88%, red anodized aluminum sheet 30% and white paint reflector only 3.8%. Third, the plate’s outdoor aging resistance is more than 2 years, and indoor aging is over 10 years. Fourth, main mechanical properties are favorable. The tensile strength (vertical and horizontal) stays over 160Mpa, elongation at break (vertical and horizontal) 70% and above, and heating expansion and contraction rate (vertical and horizontal) less than 3% at a temperature of 238 ℃ or more. Fifth, the adhesive peel strength (according to GB2794-81-84) of the sheet is strong (special adhesion 23 ± 2 ℃, 1kg, 24h). Sixth, the abrasion resistance is excellent. The sheet goes through pressure of 0.3kg / cm2 from eight layers of gauze with a flat board of 5 × 6cm. The sliding speed of the board is 120cm per minute, and it is ground five times in each direction. Results show no change in reflectivity and very few fine lines. Last, while being made into deep drawing products like lamps, no bending or wrinkling occurs.

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