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Embossed anodized aluminum sheet for cold storage wall

February 3, 2020

An embossed anodized aluminum sheet is different from either regular embossed or anodized aluminum plates. Its production combines process steps of both. Aluminium ingots are first cast and rolled into sheet rolls of a given thickness and width. The rolls are then fed into a embossing roller and come out with beautiful patterns formed on the surface. These patterns, including ripple, stucco, hammer etc., display an excellent decorative function in various application conditions of product packaging and architectural decoration. One of the most important use of an embossed anodized aluminum plateis cladding for cold storage wall. This application is based on the fact that advantages of the sheet perfectly meet requirements of materials for cold storage walls.

embossed anodized aluminum sheet

There is a scientific basis for the use of embossed anodized aluminum sheets on the inner wall of the cold storage. First, the embossed aluminum sheet is corrosion-resistant and has a good thermal conductivity. Wet internal environment of the cold storage makes the walls vulnerable to rust. And an efficient refrigeration process needs help from excellent thermal conductive walls. Aluminum sheets have been selected by a detailed and integrated comparison of their corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and production cost with other metals that fail to meet requirements mentioned. The embossed aluminum plate shows good performances in corrosion resistance under the premise of thermal conductivity, and adoption of it reduces the cost as much as possible.

Haomei supplies embossed anodized aluminum plates of 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3005, 5052, 5083 and 5005 alloys, 0.5mm to 8.0mm thickness and up to 16000 width. Both sheets and coil rolls are available. In particular, we provide coated and mirror embossed sheets as well, like red anodized aluminum sheet, hammer reflective aluminum sheet etc. Our products are used in lighting, refrigeration, construction and bus industries around the world. Welcome to contact us!

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