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Tips in buying reflective aluminum mirror sheets

March 3, 2020

In our daily life, the reflective aluminum sheet is usually used as a raw material for lamp reflective panels, lamp ornaments, polar heat collecting and reflecting materials, interior decoration, exterior wall decoration, home appliance panels, electronic product shells, furniture, automobile decoration, labels, sign panels, luxury cases etc. Among leading reflective aluminum sheet suppliers, Haomei would like to share tips in buying suitable mirror sheets with purchasers.

reflective aluminum sheet

First things first, you should learn about Technical parameters of mirror anodized aluminum sheet. Our mirror sheets are mainly of 1xxx and 5xxx series. 1xxx aluminum mirror sheets are made of pure aluminium, including grades of 1050, 1070 and 1080. They contain more aluminum than 5xxx, usually 99% and more. With simple production procedures and relatively low prices, it’s widely used in all the areas mentioned above. In comparison to 5xxx, 1xxx sheets are softer and less resistant to corrosion. 5xxx reflective sheets have a better performance. Magnesium is its main alloy metal, taking up from 3% to 5% of the total chemical content. Represented by alloys of 5005 and 5657, 5000 series of sheets are featured by low density, strong tensile strength and high elongation rate. Besides, the process technology for 5xxx sheets is mature enough in China. You can choose any alloy based on your specific requirements.

How to judge the quality of a piece of reflective aluminum sheet? After tearing off the protective film, you can rub the sheet surface with your hand and your finger marks and hand sweat would be left on the surface. Wipe the marks with a soft piece of cloth or paper. If the marks are removed completely, it means the sheet is of superior quality, or else the sheet is not so good. Of course, reflectivity is the other important aspect reflecting the quality of a sheet. Excellent sheets have a reflectivity of 90% and above, with a 95% reflective aluminum sheet as an example, but inferior ones lingers on around 85% which would soon reduce in practical usage.

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