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Aluminium alloy decoration strips

March 4, 2020

Speaking of aluminium alloy decoration strips, people would think of coated strips like channel letter aluminium strips, which are almost correct, since coated strips take up a great share aluminum decoration strips. The other way to make decorative aluminum strips are to have mill finish strips embossed with patterns like ripples, willow leaves, stucco, ribs etc, but coating remains to be the most popular method. A color-coated aluminum strip is obtained by coloring the surface layer of the strip. Commonly used are fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum tape and polyester color-coated aluminum tape. The two main types of paint for color-coated aluminum strips are fluorocarbon (PVDF) and polyester (PE). We are also called fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum strips and polyester color-coated aluminum strips. Do it all the time, but the price gap between the two is not small. The main reason is that the cost of paint differs greatly. Fluorocarbon paint contains fluorine, which has better weather resistance, longer service life and higher price.

We have aluminium alloy decoration strips of the specification below.
Specification range: (0.01 ~ 3) × (20 ~ 1600) mm, Note: Special specifications, like aluminium strip 4mm 5mm or 6mm, can be produced by agreement
Grade/alloy: 1060, 1100, 1235, 3003, 8021, 8079, 8011, etc.
Temper: h14, h18, h24, o, etc.
Surface treatment: color coating, embossing
Application areas: packaging, automotive, decoration, power capacitor and other industries

aluminium alloy decoration strips

Depending on the annealing state, aluminium alloy decoration strips can be further divided into fully soft (o-state) semi-hard (H24) and fully hard (h18). At present, the most commonly used should belong to the all-soft series, because the O state is easier to stretch and bend. Color-coated aluminum strips are mainly used in pipeline insulation projects, automobile (highway) signs, petroleum (power plant) pipeline insulation, daily necessities, general industrial products, stamping, tank making, water tanks, fuel tanks, cathode plates, cable trays, bus bars, formwork, Manufacture of electrical components, automobile radiators, building decoration, blades, lampshades, automobile doors (frames), bottle caps, etc. Decorative aluminium strips can give people a different feeling. Take the shutters, for example, it is monotonous if they are all silver, but red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple are all beautiful.

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