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Color coated aluminum coil purchasing tips

March 1, 2019

Aluminum coil is a metal product obtained by continuous rolling and tension leveling of raw materials, applied extensively in electronic, packing, construction and machinery industries. The manufacturing process of China aluminum coil suppliers goes toe to toe with that from developed countries in the world. With increasingly widened application scope, aluminum coil has been further divided into many secondary categories, among which is color coated aluminum coil. Coated aluminum coil is a newly developed material lighter than yet equivalent with painted steel in application. If you are a green hand in this area, you may need the purchasing tips as below.

color coated aluminum coil for venetian blind

First, pay attention to the thickness of a color coated aluminum coil you want to buy. It’s misleading to believe that the coil should be as thick as possible. Much of the thickness may only be pvdf coating on aluminium, and some coatings take up more than half the thickness of a coil! Besides, the main function of coated aluminum is insulation, and you should choose one with an even thickness. Over-thick color coated aluminum coil will cause difficulty in further process. Regular thickness is OK. Second, check the gloss of the coil. Superior rolls are clean with uniform colors and bright gloss. Superior rolls, on the other hand, are featured by oil stains, color differences and even tiny holes on the surface. Third, if you are not experienced enough, professional suppliers are a better choice. They offer quality coated aluminum rolls at reasonable prices. It’s just like shopping for clothes. Famous brands are a top choice when you are not able to distinguish quality of cloth materials.Experienced purchasers, of course, are always able to pick out quality goods among cheap ones.

As a professional manufacturer in China, Haomei supplies color coated aluminum coil for venetian blind, roofing, ceiling, pipes and so on. Welcome to send inquiries any time!

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