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PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil Manufacturers

December 3, 2018

In the past years the color coated aluminum industry in China has developed rapidly. No matter how many factories there are, some problems still exist with color coated coil manufacturers, including coil thickness, product class, industry normalization and production line stability.

pvdf color coated aluminum coil manufacturers

Restricted by backward technology, few manufacturers in China are able to supply pvdf color coated aluminum coil of thickness over 2mm, while it has been a regular process for many factories overseas. There are fewer high-class color coated coil in China market, and the mainstream products are is middle and low-grade rolls. This derives from poor quality of domestic paints. Well-known paint brands like PPG Tianjin, Berger industrial, Lillivasburg industrial, Libang and Zhengtaiyang are able to supply water-borne high-temperature paints of enhanced quality and stability by improving processes for raw material formulation, production technology, production equipment, process control and quality supervision. In spite of these efforts, however, they are undoubtedly overshadowed by foreign high-quality paint enterprises such as PPG, Suwey Sulex, Lily Valspar, BECKER, Akzo Nobel Coatings and son on. The most effective way is to adopt imported coatings, the price of which is so high that few manufacturers can actually afford them. As a result, superior pvdf color coated aluminum coil rolls take up a very small share in China market. In regarding to industry normalization, most production lines in China have a yield below 10 thousand tons, producing color coated coil of poor quality and giving off lots of pollutants. On the other hand, color coated coil manufacturers in some developed countries own production lines of 20 thousand and more capacities. They have strict quality control and environmental rules. Last, production lines in China show poorer stability than those abroad. This case can be exacerbated by unstable power supply.

Although all these problems are solvable, it still takes a long term to go.

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